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Matching Couples Necklaces PERFECT FOR A man

Engagement ring for a man

As society evolves the customs and practices of society change. In the past it was the duty of men asking for the marriage of a woman. It is now more commonplace that men receive a marriage proposal, and hence an engagement ring from their loved ones or prospective husbands.

Jewelers and jewelry designers are now creating contemporary engagement rings for men. The result is stunning designs. Less delicate than traditional women's rings with stones, but simple and masculine with a certain width.

Rings for engagement for men - tradition and modern

The custom of giving rings as part of the proposal has an unromantic history: in earlier times, the ring served to verify the receipt of dowry and to act as a promise. The groom's father would typically give a portion of bride's dowry if the groom was willing to accept the proposal. This tradition of engagement meant that the bride's family could prove in the event of doubt that she had paid the dowry, and received the ring as a reward.

Today both women and men propose marriage and need permission from parents for the sake of form in the event of a formal proposal. However, the custom of presenting a wedding ring with the proposal has been kept and, from now on, is a way to show the world affection and bond between two people.

Who buys an engagement ring an individual?

An engagement ring for a man is a symbol of complete equality. Modern couples often do not think about the fact that a man will spend many months of his salary on the most beautiful ring - which was the norm in the past. As a small concession custom, some couples select two rings for their engagement rings and have the ring of the woman set with stones.

If the proposal comes from a woman or the other partner, it is a completely natural gesture for a lucky couple to receive an engagement ring. In most cases women prefer wearing matching engagement rings during the period of engagement. If it's a same-sex couple who are getting engaged, both partners usually wear the same men's rings as engagement rings.

Left or right? Which hand is the right one?

Which hand should the engagement ring be placed on? The question of where an engagement ring should be worn by the man's hand is a subject of debate. The only thing that is certain is that most men wear it on their finger of the ring. In most parts of the world, couples who are married wear their wedding rings on their left hand. In Germany and other countries, however, it is the right hand.

If you would like to put the engagement ring on your other hand to distinguish the engagement ring from the wedding ring, in Germany most people put it on the left finger.

If you plan to place the engagement ring before the wedding band after the wedding, the scenario is different. If you choose to stack rings, you must choose the hand where the wedding ring will be placed immediately. In the end, however, it is a matter of personal taste. If you are unable to decide on a particular hand or for other reasons it is possible to wear the ring that is attached to the chain around your neck.

Beautiful and stylish: designs for engagement rings for men

Bold, striking, and by no means playful. That's how the engagement ring for men is designed. It's not a ladies' ring. Instead, its uniqueness comes from the creative use materials.

Based on your personal tastes, classic precious metals like platinum or yellow gold, as well as shimmering silver white gold are readily available. You can also pick from a range of unique designs in palladium, carbon or titanium.

Find a wide selection of engagement rings in all sizes from JC Trauringe. The interactive configurator allows you to track down and locate your own engagement ring step by step.

The present for men: engagement rings from JC Trauringe

How much will or can the engagement ring cost? Prices for engagement rings at JC Trauringe range from 40 euros to over 100 euros. Men's rings are generally less expensive than engagement ring designed for women since men do not usually need a gemstone in their engagement ring. Anyone looking to purchase an engagement ring made of solid platinum should still budget at minimum $1,000 euros.

We offer a ring-exchange guarantee to ensure that you and your loved ones will be happy with the ring. You also receive the engraving and shipping of each ring for free.

Men's engagement rings at a glance

Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Rings for Men

Do men wear engagement rings?

It's a long-standing tradition for men to get engagement rings. The background is often the couple's desire for equality or that a same-sex couple is planning to get married.

What will an engagement ring for a man going to cost?

The price range that is middle that is where the greatest variety of engagement rings can be found in between 200 and 500 euros. The cost is also contingent on the man's preferences and plans.

What does an engagement ring made for men look like

Men's engagement rings look more like wedding rings than engagement rings for women. They are usually wide and made from various materials. The appearance is usually subtle, without decorations or stones.

Where do men put their engagement rings?

It is common for the engaged couple not to wear the engagement rings on the hand that is meant for the wedding ring. In Germany that would be the right hand. In the end, for the majority of couples, the engagement ring is best worn on the left hand.


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