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Corner Kick Betting | How to Calculate, Tips, and Effective Strategies

Factors Influencing Corner Kick Betting

Corner kick betting is one of the favorite types of bets for many football punters. It's a relatively simple and easy-to-understand way of betting, but to play it effectively, you need specific knowledge and experience. In this article, we'll explore corner kick betting, how to calculate it, tips for playing, analyzing odds, and football tips predictz 

Calculating Corner Kick Bets

To calculate corner kick bets, you first need to understand the concept. A corner kick bet is a type of football bet where punters wager on the number of corner kicks that will occur in a match. Typically, bookmakers set a number for each match, and punters can bet over or under that number.

For example, in a match between Manchester United and Liverpool on a live football website like 90minutes, the bookmaker sets the corner kick odds at 9.5. If you bet "over," it means you believe there will be at least 10 corner kicks in the match. In this case, if the match ends with 10 or more corner kicks, you win the bet. Conversely, if the match ends with fewer than 10 corner kicks, you lose the bet.

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To calculate corner kick bets, consider the following factors:

Team Performance: Teams with strong attacking styles and frequent goal-scoring opportunities tend to have more corner kicks. Teams with powerful attacks like Barcelona, Manchester City, or Bayern Munich often have high corner kick rates.

Team Tactics: Teams that prefer defensive or counter-attacking strategies tend to have fewer corner kicks compared to teams playing attacking football.

Weather Conditions: Weather is also crucial in determining the number of corner kicks in a match. Poor weather conditions like rain and wind make the pitch slippery and difficult to control, resulting in more corner kicks.

Squad Status: If a team is missing key defensive players, the opponent's corner kick rate increases.

Psychological Factors: The psychological state of players can also influence the number of corner kicks in a match. If a team is playing confidently and continuously attacking, the likelihood of earning corner kicks is higher.

Calculating corner kick bets involves analyzing these factors and using statistical data to predict corner kick rates for each team.

Tips for Playing Corner Kick Bets

When playing corner kick bets, consider the following tips to play effectively and minimize risks:

Avoid Over-Betting: One common mistake is placing too many bets on a single match, which can lead to significant losses if the match doesn't have as many corner kicks as predicted. Therefore, carefully consider your bets and only wager an amount you can afford to lose.

Avoid Unclear Matches: In some cases, bookmakers may offer corner kick odds for unclear matches with limited information for analysis. In such cases, be cautious before betting, as your winning odds may be low.

Avoid Early Betting: Some players tend to bet on matches too early, even before the team lineups are announced. This can lead to incorrect bets and easy losses. Therefore, wait until the lineups are confirmed before placing your bets.

Analyzing Corner Kick Odds

To play corner kick bets effectively, you need to analyze corner kick odds accurately. This requires knowledge of influencing factors and using statistical data to make accurate predictions.

Utilize Football Statistics Websites: You can use football statistics websites like 90minutes or demnaylive to analyze corner kick odds. These websites provide information on corner kicks for each team in every match, total corner kicks in a tournament, average corner kick rates for each team, and more.

Review Past Matches: Another way to analyze corner kick odds is to review past matches of both teams. You can assess factors such as playing style, squad status, and weather conditions to make predictions for the upcoming match.

Common Types of Corner Kick Bets

There are various types of corner kick bets, but in this article, we'll focus on the two most common: Asian corner kick bets and European corner kick bets.

Asian Corner Kick Bets: Asian corner kick bets are popular due to their balanced nature between two teams. In Asian corner kick bets, bookmakers assign a number to each team, such as Manchester United (-1) and Liverpool (+1). If you bet on Manchester United, you believe they will have at least two more corner kicks than Liverpool. Conversely, if you bet on Liverpool, you believe they will have at least two more corner kicks than Manchester United.

European Corner Kick Bets: European corner kick bets are similar to Asian corner kick bets, but here bookmakers assign a single number for both teams. For example, Manchester United (-1) and Liverpool (+1). If you bet "over," you believe the total number of corner kicks for both teams will be more than 2. If you bet "under," you believe it will be less than 2.

Effective Corner Kick Betting Strategies

To play corner kick bets effectively, you need suitable betting strategies. Here are some strategies you can apply:

Bet on Your Favorite Team: One of the simplest strategies is to bet on your favorite team. This can increase your excitement and emotional involvement in the match. However, be cautious and avoid irrational bets to prevent unnecessary losses.

Bet Based on Team Style: Another strategy is to bet based on a team's playing style. Reviewing past matches can help assess their attacking and defensive capabilities. Teams with a tendency to attack often have higher corner kick rates.

Consider Weather Conditions: Weather is a crucial factor influencing corner kick rates. Matches with adverse weather conditions like rain or strong winds tend to have higher corner kick rates due to the difficulty of ball control and increased attacking opportunities.

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Experience in Choosing Corner Kick Bets

To choose corner kick bets wisely, consider the following experiences:

Monitor Team News and Injuries: Team news and injury updates can affect match outcomes. Therefore, stay informed to make accurate predictions.

Evaluate Team Playing Styles: Teams' playing styles significantly impact corner kick rates. Assessing each team's attacking and defensive strategies can help make informed decisions.

Avoid Betting on Unclear Matches: As mentioned earlier, refrain from betting on matches with insufficient information for analysis to minimize risks and increase winning chances.

Consult Expert Corner Kick Predictions: In addition to your analysis, seek opinions from football experts. Experienced experts offer comprehensive insights and more accurate predictions.

Analyze Corner Kick Odds Across Different Tournaments

To make informed corner kick bets, consider corner kick odds across different tournaments. For example, corner kick odds in the Premier League may differ from those in La Liga or the Bundesliga. Therefore, conduct thorough research before placing your bets.

Evaluate Bookmakers Before Playing Corner Kick Bets

Finally, before playing corner kick bets, thoroughly evaluate the bookmakers you intend to bet with. Choose reputable bookmakers with high reliability and reasonable corner kick odds.


Corner kick betting is an exciting type of bet favored by many football punters. However, to play it effectively, you need knowledge and experience to make accurate predictions. Carefully consider your bets and only wager amounts you can afford to lose. Good luck and success in your corner kick betting endeavors!





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