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Wintips Sports - The Hottest Betting Sensation of 2024

Wintips Sports Betting - Reliable and Professional

After an outstanding journey of development, Wintips has emerged as a reputable name in the entertainment industry. With the aim of providing a healthy betting environment for enthusiasts, Wintips always adheres to principles of transparency and openness, based on clear legal foundations. Moreover, the platform continuously strives to enhance and upgrade its services based on positive feedback from the gaming community. Additionally, Wintips partners with various renowned clubs and teams. The experienced team of experts at Wintips provides the best app for football prediction and insights before matches, aiding players with additional reference material.

The Wintips sports betting lounge offers a wide range of exciting options

From the early days, Wintips has heavily invested in the sports betting arena. Each lounge has its own unique gameplay and appeal to players. Whether you prefer betting on which sports at Wintips, you can choose and experience different betting levels.


E-Sports is the main lounge for sports betting at Wintips with a European flair. The lounge interface is simple, clear, and suitable for Vietnamese users. Here you can choose from various types of bets such as Over/Under, Half Time, Full Time, Euro 1 × 2, etc. Additionally, if you're looking for something fresh like basketball, tennis, archery, racing, etc., E-Sports at Wintips also offers many other popular and attractive game types, including virtual games and numerical games. The main reason E-Sports becomes the highlight of Wintips is because it provides games of all scales to serve all types of customers.


This lounge carries the style of Asian sports. Therefore, it is highly favored by users, and the betting odds are not inferior to other bookmakers. The strength of this site lies in its diverse products, offering all types of bets on almost all sports. Especially, the website provides various forms of betting, alongside popular Asian handicap bets. You will find a range of matches from various tournaments with accurate odds for you to bet confidently.


When betting on football here, you'll notice that the interface of K-Sports is designed in a European style. It is well developed and caters to customers in the UK. However, the number of Vietnamese players participating in this sports site is not small. At K-Sports, players have the opportunity to bet on football matches with various odds, including diverse side bets and detailed information.

3D Horse Racing

3D Horse Racing is a newly launched feature at wintip and is attracting a lot of attention. The lounge is created to serve horse racing enthusiasts. Here, the bookmaker simulates horse races from famous tracks around the world. Players will have the chance to choose the horse they believe is the best and bet on whether that horse will finish first. This is a completely new and different way to play compared to other sports betting methods.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports betting is a form of betting similar to real sports betting. However, all matches are simulated in 3D with beautiful graphics. Especially, all results are random, without algorithm intervention. At Wintips, you can participate in betting on simulated matches of the hottest sports tournaments worldwide. Additionally, you can check information about upcoming matches to participate in betting more quickly. All of this has made virtual sports betting the highlight of betting in 2024.


If you are a fan of electronic games, you will be excited to join the electronic section at Wintips Sports. Here, the bookmaker offers a range of extremely popular electronic games on the market, including games like LOL, LMHT, PUBG, FIFA, CSGO, DOTA2, etc. When participating, the bookmaker will provide standard betting odds analyzed by the best team of experts. The lounge allows you to both participate in betting and watch thrilling matches, fulfilling your passion for the world of electronic games.

Discover the hottest types of sports betting at Wintips

In Wintips, players can choose from various sports. Whatever sport you love, Wintips Home can easily satisfy your passion.

Football Betting

Football is the king of sports loved by many, and it's also the most popular betting arena at betting tips telegram. Compared to other bookmakers in the market, the playground here will offer players the most exciting experiences. Players can participate in betting on most football matches in major events worldwide.

Basketball Betting

Wintips Sports - A must-visit destination for basketball betting! With the presence of top basketball tournaments such as the NBA, Euroleague, and many other international tournaments, players will experience thrilling and tense moments on the court. At Wintips, you will have plenty of basketball betting options, including 1×2 bets, score bets, total points, over/under bets, handicap bets, and winner bets. You also have the opportunity to participate in corner kick betting and many other interesting types of bets to add excitement to the match.

Volleyball Betting

Wintips Sports - A promising place for exciting betting opportunities on top volleyball tournaments worldwide, including the Vietnamese National Championship. You can satisfy your passion by placing bets before the match or joining live betting while the match is in progress to experience real excitement. At Wintips, you will find a variety of volleyball betting options, including 1×2 bets, score bets, total points, over/under bets, handicap bets, winner bets, and corner kick bets. Explore more types of bets to satisfy your passion for volleyball and create special experiences at Wintips.

Explore the trendiest sports promotions at Wintips in 2024

Here are some of the hottest Wintips sports promotions for 2024:

  • 100% Cashback Offer: Wintips offers a 100% cashback on the value of all bets for all members, regardless of winning or losing. For new members, you will also receive a 100% value bonus when making your first deposit, provided you comply with the terms and conditions.

  • Unique Promotion: The "Deposit 1 Get 2" program allows you to instantly receive 100% of the deposited amount up to 10,000,000 VND. This means that when you deposit a certain amount, you will receive double that amount to participate in betting.

  • After the first deposit, you will also receive an additional 30% bonus for the second deposit, making it more convenient for you to participate in betting.

  • With a cashback promotion of up to 1.58%, even if you lose a bet, you will still receive a portion of the money back.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wintips Sports.

Here are some questions about Wintips sports that many members are curious about:

Is Wintips trustworthy?

Wintips is a reputable and reliable European bookmaker. Wintips is licensed and operates under the supervision of authorized regulatory authorities. As a result, the platform is transparent in all its activities providing betting games for members. Moreover, the speed of deposits/withdrawals and support here is highly regarded in the market.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings from sports betting?

Wintips is committed to providing members with the withdrawal feature. The IT team here constantly updates the system and conducts rigorous checks. All of this is to provide players with the most modern deposit and withdrawal system. All transactions are processed quickly, taking only about 3-5 minutes. Additionally, players have the right to withdraw winnings immediately after sure home win prediction. If there are any issues with withdrawals, contact the customer support team, and you will be guided immediately.

Are there any fees for depositing sports betting funds?

Regarding fees for depositing sports betting funds, Wintips does not apply any fees when players deposit or withdraw funds. However, if you use the "Top-up card" method, there may be fees applied according to the discounts of the network provider.

Will your Wintips sports account be locked if you sign up but don't play?

If you sign up for an Wintips sports account but don't play for a long time, your account will still be reserved. You can rest assured that when you want to play, simply log in again and use your account without the risk of losing it.


Here's the updated information about Wintips sports for you. This is a reputable and safe gaming lounge for sports betting enthusiasts. Join now to receive the hottest sports cashback offers on the market.


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